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Founded in 1896, The Daily Press Inc., is a morning newspaper published daily in Newport News city, Virginia. Its coverage includes the lower and middle Peninsula of Tidewater Virginia. It’s estimated daily readership is 101,100. It is currently owned by Tronc Inc.

Searching to publish a tribute to a local audience in Tidewater, Virginia? Consider posting to The Daily Press Obituaries.

Looking to publish a respectful public tribute to an international audience? Consider online obituaries and memorial platform Skymorials.

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Looking to publish an online obituary to a local audience? Consider posting to The Daily Press. 

Publish death notices locally on The Daily Press obituaries page. The Daily Press serves the Newport News and Hampton, Virginia areas both in their online and print editions.

Price starting at $92.00

What you get

All VA Total Market Packages Include:

  • Features a print obituary in the Daily Press, Virginian-Pilot, Virginia Gazette and Tidewater Review.
  • Multiple design options with photo or emblems.
  • Features an online obituary which remains online indefinitely.

All Other Standard Obituary Packages Include:

  • Features a print obituary in the selected publication(s)
  • Multiple design options with photo or emblems
  • Features an online obituary posted on and remains online indefinitely

All Daily Press Mini Obituary Packages

  • Features a 3 line print obituary in The Daily Press
  • Text only design option

The Daily Press audience is affluent, educated and informed. Their loyal readers rely on the Daily Press as their daily news source. With a higher penetration than even many metro newspapers, information and advertising reaches market households more efficiently than any other local media. Daily Press reaches 3 out of 5 Greater Peninsula area adults and so will your marketing message.

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Looking to publish an online obituary to an international audience? Consider posting on Skymorials.

Skymorials offers a variety of formats for your online obituary, including the option to add a quote, image, or simply some heartfelt words which you can publish to our public board.

Online obituaries are searchable through Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and remain on Skymorials forever.

Publish an online obituary for a flat, one-off fee of $18.

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