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26 April 2019 • Online Memorials

Adding memories to your Memorial Page

Once you have created a memorial page, you will want to enrich it with content about your loved one. In Skymorials, you can record memories, create a timeline of events or convert photos into a slideshow that can be presented at a memorial service. As part of this Skymorials gives you the ability to do the following:

  1. Write your own personal message 
  2. Upload photos with a message
  3. Create a photo gallery
  4. Upload videos (up to 1 gigabyte in size)
  5. Choose from our library of quotes with an image or without
  6. Publish and share the memorial page with others to contribute

This post will take you through the options available to enrich your memorial page with content before publishing it and sharing with others. When you are adding content, please make sure to save your memorial page. Once you do this and create an account, you can log in at anytime to update or add to the memorial page.

Recording memories and life stories can be done using the approaches mentioned above all by starting with clicking the button "Share a Memory" as shown below.

Once you have clicked the "share a memory" button, a box will pop up with the types of memory you can selct from. This is shown below.

Memorial Page Admin Panel

1. Writing a personal message

The first option is to write a personal message which is any message or life story or memory you want to tell about about your loved one. This will just be displayed as a written message with a white background. If you add a date to the story it also gets added to the "Life Story" tab. Some ideas on the types of memories you can write about includes:

  • Sharing strong character traits they had. You may have admired them for that, or it may have just been a funny behaviour but it was something they often did. For example, "they were always the life of the party", "their smile lit up the room", "they were so caring and were always willing to help another person".
  • A particular life event or childhood memory eg - a memory when traveling together, while experiencing some sort of physical activity like a hike or run, attending a family occasion or social event like a birthday or wedding.

If you add a date to the personal message, it then gets added to the "life story' tab in chronological order of events. When adding a date, you may recall the month and year but not the date. Or even just the year not the month. When adding in a date, as long as you add the year, it will add it to the life story timeline. If you don't recall the date or month, you can leave them blank and Skymorials will pick a random month or date for you. Alternatively, you can leave all 3 fields blank and it will add the story to the "memories" tab but not the "Life Story" tab.

Once a memory post of any type is created, you can always go back and edit it later. To do that, click on the 3 dots on the memory as shown below:

This will bring up the box below which allows you to edit the message, delete it or pin it to the top of the page which you may do if it's an important memory.

If at anytime you need any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at community@skymorials.com

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