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26 April 2019 • Online Memorials

Personalising the Memorial Page Profile

Once you have created a memorial page, you will want to complete the profile details of your loved one. The areas below are some of the additional areas where you can personlise the Memorial Page profile you have created.

  1. Upload a profile photo
  2. Changing the background image
  3. Updating the Obituary or Welcome Message
  4. Adding the date of birth and date of passing

This post will take you through the options available to enrich your memorial page with content before publishing it and sharing with others. When you are adding content, please make sure to save your memorial page. Once you do this and create an account, you can log in at anytime to update or add to the memorial page.

1. Uploading a profile photo to your Memorial Page

On Skymorials you can add a number of photos of your loved on to the memorial page. However the first photo you will want to add is the profile photo. This can be added through the side admin panel as shown below:

Once you click on the "Upload Profile Picture" in the admin panel, it will come up with a box like that shown below. Click on the "Choose photo" box then click "Update Headshot" to proceed to the next step.

Updating Memorial Page Profile Shot - Step 2

Once you upload the photo you can adjust the size of the photo to fit in the circle by holding the circle button which the arrow below is pointing to and dragging it to the right. Once you have sized it how you like, click "Update headshot" button and that will take you back to the memorial page.

Memorial Page Profile Photo - Step 3                                   Memorial Page Profile Shot - Step 4

If you can not see the admin panel to the left of the page, you can get that up by clicking on the "Edit Memorial" Button under the name as shown below.

Memorial Page Admin Panel

2. Changing the background image of the Memorial Page

Behind the profile photo, there is a pre-selected background image which you can update to another image of your own or from our library of background images. Simply go to the the admin panel on the left hand side as shown below and either select another image, or click the "Choose photo" below these images to add your own.

Updating memorial Page Background Image                                   Memorial Page Background Image

3. Update Obituary / Welcome Message

When you start the page you will already see a welcome or obituary message displayed below the name of the person you are remembering. To edit this, go to the admin panel on the left hand side and you can amend the exsiting message which will show in a text box under the "date of passing". As you type this, the message on the right hand of the screen will also update. Like everything else, don't forget to "Save" the page once you update it.

4. Adding the date of birth and date of passing

The final part of the profile is the Date of Birth and Date of Passing which you may not know so that can be left blank until such time that you do find out from a relative or loved one. If you do know it, simply add the date, month and year of birth and passing and it will appear under the name in the memorial page profile.

5. Editing the Privacy Setting of the Memorial Page

As a default setting, all memorial pages are set to private so that only you can see it unless you invite other people to contribute to the page once you publish it. You do however have the option to make the page public for other people to find if they are typing in the name of the person on channels like Google. This means that others can find and read the life stories however no one will be able to contribute or add to the page unless you invite them. 

Once you have completed the above steps, it's time to add memories to your memorial page

If at anytime you need any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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