Our Mission

To create a world where everyone is loved, remembered and cherished for future generations.

With newspapers future uncertain, and social media not safely collected in a single respectful, ad-free space, we realised there needed to be a self sustainable and socially responsible place to publish tributes, obituaries and memories of our ancestors for safe keeping.

Starting in Australia in 2013, the Skymorials community has since grown to be beloved by people in over 20 countries including the UK, USA, Canada and Asia.

Our goal is to keep our community’s content online forever, to eventually become a resource for their children and children's children. With every tribute, obituary and memorial page helping us edge closer to achieving this goal.

With the large proportion of our moderation and hosting fees going directly to staff to moderate and web hosting services, you can be assured that we have every intention of staying advertisement free, and being a public resource long into the future. All the while still continuing to provide free tools and services for funeral directors, pastoral carers, community groups and charities.

We believe Skymorials has a unique part to play in this digital world. We hope that you grow to cherish our site as we do, and we welcome your feedback and welcome you to join our community.

Skymorials Team

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