What is Skymorials?

Skymorials is a public community where people can publish public tributes, obituaries and event notices, and build beautiful, personalised memorial webpages for loved ones.

Our goal and mission is to be a long lasting, permanent place for our loved ones memories to live on for eternity.

How do I report a piece of content?

If you think a piece of content violates our terms and conditions please contact us immediately so we can take it down, modify or fix a problem. Our staff are on hand at all times to assist you and keep our community safe.

What happens if you close down?

We have been around since 2013 and are growing fast enough to be self sufficient and online indefinitely.

Should we decide to close down we would first keep all pages online for at least 24 months in a static format, and during this time we would allow everyone to download all the information in HTML and file format, so you could re-host on your own domain, or print as a hard copy as well. 

We do hope this will never happen and we hope you can support us by purchasing or sharing our service with others.

Do you have an iPhone or Android app?

No we don't, the reason for this is we want to be available and open for all people to use, no matter what device they have or country they are in.

We have a mobile first, responsive website that works on all devices, rather than restricting people to a mobile app.

Where is your content stored?

All our content is stored and backed up on Amazon Web Services. Our site is backed up multiple times per day, and all the content you upload is recoverable and downloadable in the event of an issue.

I published in a newspaper, do I have to publish it again to Skymorials?

If you have already spent money publishing your Tribute Notice in the paper then simply contact us and send us the link to the notice and we will be happy to publish it for free to Skymorials on your behalf.

Where is Skymorials based?

Our head office is in Melbourne Australia, where our founders are from. But we have satelite offices and teams in USA, UK and Asia (Philippines) to assist our partners, users and product teams.

Is your site moderated?

Yes, we heavily moderate all content on our website at all times. And will actively remove and ban users who we deem have gone against our terms or service or community guidelines. So you can be sure that your content will always be safe.

Can I have multiple admins on the account?

At the moment you can only have a single 'prime' administrator. This is to ensure the security and privacy of the page is always in your control.

If you accidently lose this account we can always help you get it back, so don't worry.

Can I join Skymorials as a registered partner?

Skymorials partners with licenced Funeral Directors, Media Publications and Charities to help them publish Tributes and create Memorial Pages for their loved ones.

If you would like to get in touch and become a registered partner please contact us here

What size should the background image be on the memorial page?

We have a suite of images that you can use for the background, however if you wish to add your own you can do this easily by uploading an image from your phone.
Our recommended minimum size is 1200 x 800, and the image will automatically scale for mobile devices and desktops.

How do I make my page public?

1. Simply click edit memorial

2. At the top you will see a setting for page privacy

3. Select public, or private from the list

4. Click save changes to ensure your changes won't be lost

Can I upload videos?

Yes you can. Unlike similar websites your videos can be uploaded directly to Skymorials, so they are safe and don't feature ads, or become lost.

Simply upload a .MP4 or .MOV file from your phone, tablet or desktop computer to Skymorials.

How do I create a Memorial Page?

1. Simply click Create a Memorial anywhere on the site.

2. There you can fill in a few basic pieces of information about your loved one to create a page in their honour. 

3. You can the choose the background, add in memories, and fill in an obituary/welcome message for viewers.

3. Once you are happy with the page and you wish to publish it you can pay a $90 once off hosting fee, so you can share it with others

How long will the content be online?

Unlike newspapers which last a day, Skymorials aims to be a website that exists for eternity.
Since 2013 we have honoured this, and we will continue to be self sufficient so that we can continue on forever.

Can my memorial page be private?

Yes, a memorial page has all the privacy options you would expect with a social media website. Such as the ability to restrict members to people you invite, or you can make the page public and allow people to find and view the memories.

Can I create a memorial page for myself to write my life story?

Yes you can. Simply create a page, and ensure that you share your login & password with your next of kin or close family member so they can continue the page on your behalf in the future. 

How much does an Online Memorial cost?

You can create a draft Memorial Page for Free which allows you to upload photos, videos and quotes.

To share a memorial page with friends and family to contribute, you need to "Publish" the page which is a single $90USD lifetime fee for building and hosting your memorial page indefinitely.

If I sign up with Facebook will you post to my account or share my data?

No, we take your privacy very seriously. Many of our users prefer to sign in with Facebook so that they don't need to remember another username or password, but we only use this for your login, and will never post to your account or abuse your trust.

You can always sign up using your email address and password instead.

Why should I make an Online Memorial?

In the past people would collect photographs in books or perhaps by emailing them to each other. Today these memories exist in phones, and in our stories and our collective memories and experiences.

Skymorials helps you bring together and collect memories from digital albums such as smartphones, desktops and social media websites, into a single place online that you can always find and add to.

What is the difference between a Tribute Notice and Online Memorial?

We have two very different products to help you remember and pay tribute to your loved ones.

A Tribute Notice is a single, public notice that you can publish for a friend, family member or collague for a single publishing and moderation fee. This could be a quote, photograph or tribute message that you write and publish for eternity to the Skymorials Public Board, a searchable and shareable directory of messages to loved ones.

A Memorial Page is a private website that you control access to, where family and friends can add an unlimited number of photographs, videos and memories online. Our Memorial Pages are specially built so anyone in the family can use them for eternity.

How do I delete a memorial page or notice?

Should you want to delete a page or notice you can contact us directly view the contact form and our staff will assist you in permanently deleting the page or notice. You can also do this through your account by clicking the 'My Skymorials' button.